Cambridge ClassServer is a new breed of digital platform, creating a flexible approach to learning and teaching through a three screen approach.


Data is collected during use allowing teachers to fine tune the learning process of individual students; the interactive whiteboard can be used as a focal point for the class during group work; students can also work on projects on their own devices, at a pace dictated by the teacher. Hover over the bouncing icons on the right to read more about each component.


Wild Apple Design were brought on board having worked on a number of successful digital projects with other high profile educational publishers. We were asked to create the templates for the launch title, considering the overall UI and UX elements before working through all 45OO screens ready for development. Yep, four and a half thousand!





Teacher iPad

(master device)

When designing, we consider the impact of aspects such as screen and font size, legibility, colour blindness and character shapes to creating something which flows well, is engaging and allows the user to navigate the content.


As you can see from the screens on the right, the simplistic page furniture ensures the content can easily be accessed whilst the interactive exercises are both intuitive and straight forward.


In terms of workflow we started with a single designer creating the templates, concept and working through the first batch. From there we slowly built up to managing a team of nine designers, ensuring all had a thorough understanding of styles and systems to create consistency throughout. All proof stages went through the in-house project manager, and any required amends would go via a single designer to further ensure layouts were globally correct.

Invariably, because the content was originally print-based, there would be editorial changes to the manuscript to bring in the interactivity; we were quick to assess the overall design and bring in new exercise types where applicable.


Ensuring the UI and UX elements covered some of the more trickier interactive exercises proved to be a good challenge. We needed to consider how the screens could be set out in such way that the instructions were clear and allowed space for the interactivity itself, but that's where our work on other educational digital projects came in handy, meaning we were able to apply our knowledge to these difficult scenarios.

If you'd like to discuss our involvement further or have a project you'd like to involve us in be sure to
contact the studio on 01308 482482 or email

We engaged the services of Wild Apple Design for a complex digital product that was still under development. From day one, they were exceptional, and the team have consistently delivered us exactly what we've needed, when we've needed it.


They have been flexible and accommodating to shifts in the project and have taken unforeseen complications in their stride with good humour and professionalism.


We have always felt that we can trust them implicitly with our project as they make such an effort to keep us informed of what's happening at their end and how any changes to the project are being dealt with.


I would not hesitate in recommending Wild Apple Design to companies wanting to entrust their high-stakes
projects to a friendly, talented and professional team.


Tim Gifford

Co-Founder of ELTJam