One element we love is creating sample layout designs for new material, or freshening up content for a second edition.


Shown here are spreads from one such project - Your Space for Cambridge University Press. We were invited to take a challenging brief to design this scheme for both the initial Italian market, and a wider International market.


We're really pleased with the cohesive look for the scheme, clear navigation, font choice, page furniture, and style of artworks that are used.


Needless to say, once the
sample design is signed off,
there are regular challenges to creating eye-catching layouts from manuscript.


We're very comfortable taking
on those challenges, to create spreads which the users can easily navigate, and where the focus is on the most important aspect - the learning points.


Shown here are examples
of layouts that are creatively
eye-catching, whilst being
simple to navigate for
non-native speakers.

As a team of designers, this is an area we really enjoy taking on. Want some ELT content designed as a holiday leaflet? Done. Need it to look like an imaginary website on a tablet? No problem.


Sometimes simple and sometimes extravagant, the quality of realia design is often a great selling point for educational schemes.


More and more we're being asked to take on just the realia design, so if this sounds like a good plan, drop us a line.

This is an area where we
know that we excel - the
whole process of art editing. We're in regular contact with agents and artists so that we
can bring you some familiar names, plus illustrators who
are new to the scene who add a uniqueness to your projects.


We're also dab hands at researching photos through online libraries and third parties, or commissioning shots in a studio. After that, we're very happy to treat and manipulate them to feel seamlessly part of the layouts.

Keeping design consistency throughout the scheme

Creative yet informative

No artwork too small,

no photo too complicated

Work through the gallery

Fun and engaging design

Bringing the book to life


We've been very fortunate over the years to have been asked for our design input on a wide variety of educational projects. We've covered pretty much all of the bases in terms of design for any given
market - from pre-primary to professionals.


As you'll have seen from Story Central mini-site, we've worked on some lovely primary schemes recently; but we've also been creating a fair amount of layouts and realia for older markets. Below are some of the projects we've worked on, to give a flavour of the breadth of design work we can take on in the studio for you.


We love the challenge of creating appropriate realia for grown-up schemes, and hopefully the excerpts below are a fair representation of what we're capable of. Hope you enjoy it... and do get in touch if there's anything we can do for you.

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