Storyfun is an ELT scheme for Cambridge University Press aimed at Primary school students from the ages 8-12. There are 6 levels of Storyfun. Student’s learn through an initial 2 spreads of engaging Story artwork followed by activities based around the stories. These include learning through listening, drawing, conversation and speaking activities.
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Learning skills through stories
Student's Books
80 pages of fun
Over the 6 levels we worked with over 48 illustrators both from illustration agencies and independently to that help bring Storyfun to life. In order to ensure artwork was completed in the required time frames Wild Apple Design had to communicate effectively with artists from various different countries.
Over 500 artworks
Each Student book contains 
8 units of Story artwork with 
a following selection of 
activities for students to 
complete based on these stories. The artwork styles grow up as the levels of the book increase.
We worked with the content on the pages and created additional realia pieces in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to make the pages eye-catching and colourful.
Art editing & Illustration
18 covers designed
We produced covers for multiple components of Storyfun using Nicholas Jackson's (Astound) artwork.
32 animations created
We created animation for each story by reusing and adapting artwork from the books, alongside audio files supplied to us from the client. This resulted in clear animations the aim being that students are able to follow the stories on interactive whiteboards in classes. Click here to check them out.
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